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Ode To Parks and Recreation

Oh Parks and Rec, I have to be honest. At first I didn’t like you. Your style of humor just wasn’t my cup of tea. After the first 5 minutes of the first episode, I changed the channel with a shrug. After all, I don’t find most popular comedies that funny.

But then I noticed you in my Netflix recommendations. You wore me down in the way only a little thumbnail and title can on Netflix.

Eventually I gave in. I settled into my spot and waited out the first 5 minutes. I giggled at the public forum. That was the beginning.

For a comedy, Parks and Rec offers a lot of heart and some great lessons. It wasn’t long before I was aspiring to be like Leslie Knope. Sure, she was completely naive at first, but aren’t we all? She is all feminism and work ethic and we share the same love of using binders to organize everything. She doesn’t take no for an answer and will do anything for the people she cares about. Plus, her crafting and gifting skills are on point.

Let’s talk about April now. She’s every intern’s hero. April is weird and doesn’t care what you think about her, but loves the people close to her and works hard at the things she loves at the same time. Long story short: April is weird and amazing and scary and I love her. Of course I love Andy, too. He’s not brilliant but he’s loyal and full of energy. Plus he’s great with kids.

Ron. Ron ****ing Swanson. Manly man, master woodworker, and the smooth jazzman known as Duke Silver. He always knows what to do (unless a Tammy is involved) and for a fictional character, he’s helped me through some very non-fictional problems.

The other characters have their amazing points too: Ann’s patience, Tom’s creativity, Donna’s confidence, Chris’ optimism. And Ben Wyatt? He is the male version of me. Calzones, board games, and everything else. That nerdy accountant is my fictional soul mate.

Parks and Recreation ended a while ago. To be honest, I had this post sitting in my drafts for a while, waiting to be polished and published. So here and now, I’m finally saying goodbye to one of the best television shows that graced our screens this decade.

So, Parks & Rec, goodbye. I love you and I like you.

How about you? Did you love the show? Tell me some of your favorite Parks and Rec moments in the comments!


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