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Write This Down

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Handwritten is love

Handwritten notes are becoming a thing of the past. It makes me sad, really sad. There’s something about knowing someone took time out of their day to get some paper, sit down, write something just for you, and then make sure it was delivered to you. It’s so much more personal than banging out a text with our thumbs while walking down the sidewalk.

And don’t even get me started on stationery. A pretty stationery makes my heart race. Make my own envelopes? Yes, please! I’ve done it a million times. Stationery is reason 1000 why handwritten is just better than typed out, electronic notes.

You don’t have to write something elaborate. You don’t have to have an occasion. Just some paper, a pen, an envelope, and a stamp. It’s that simple. Looking for a pen pal? Check out International Geek Girls Pen Pal Club, where girls (and guys!) can be matched to a pen pal based on age and similar tastes. Don’t want to write to anyone in particular or make a stranger incredibly happy? Try out More Love Letters, started by the lovely Hannah Brencher.

Don’t forget the second most important thing: writing utensils. I have tons of pens and pencils laying around any place I spend time. Mechanical pencils are convenient, but I like old fashioned wooden ones. Huge erasers are great. I always make sure I have my Dr. Grip pens with me. These things are a life saver if you have carpal tunnel or arthritis problems!

Here’s the question: what was the last thing you wrote out by hand?

For me, it was a story. I love writing stories by hand. It’s probably the reason I have carpal tunnel problems. I have notebooks, composition books, and journals all dedicated to creative writing. Have a story idea? Scrawl it into the journal I keep in my purse for ideas I have on the go. Starting a whole new story? Better buy a new composition for it.

I heard Neil Gaiman say in an interview once that he likes to write things down by hand in a notebook. He says that it makes it less real, that if he doesn’t like it or if it’s bad he can get rid of it. It makes sense. If you erase it, it’s gone. There’s no digital copy. There’s no backup. It never existed. That’s a good feeling! If only we could have the same opportunity with all our mistakes.

So here we are, guys. I’ll end with a challenge: handwrite something. A little post it note in your kid’s lunchbox. A note to slip into the pocket of your wife’s pants after you do the laundry. Tell me about it in the comments! Also tell me: what’s the last thing you wrote by hand? Do you write letters or have a pen pal? I love hearing from all of you!

Until next time–with love,


3 thoughts on “Write This Down

  1. Your post and your love for handwritten pieces refreshed my own love for handwriting. There’s definitely something special about sending and receiving a note or letter with some real lead or ink from a pen. I also love how you said, “It’s so much more personal than banging out a text with our thumbs while walking down the sidewalk.” So true! I’ve never seen it this way, but it’s a great way to put it. Thank you for the good read and genuine words.

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