I know you all are used to long bits of silence from me, but I still wanted to check in and update everyone, just so you know I’m still around!

I’ve been on quite the adventure lately. I’m doing Camp NaNoWriMo this month. My word count goal is 50,000 and I have every intention of reaching it. I meet new people every day for my internship. I signed up for a sip ‘n paint party (a charity one too!) at one of my city’s art shops. I even registered for GISHWHES this year, something I’ve been wanting to do for years and never have!

So long story short, I am out living an exciting life right now and I hope you all are too. Try new experiences. Go on a nature walk. Hula hoop. Then go out and tell everyone about it. Maybe you’ll inspire someone to do the same.

I have a whole cache of posts coming your way, just waiting to be written. When time is found for it, I’ll share stories and pictures and crafts and recipes. We’ll swap anecdotes and laugh over coffee. I can’t wait for it.

You’ll hear from me soon. Lots of love as always,



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