What The Kind Campaign Is and Why We Need It

No matter what our school experience was like, we all have one thing in common: gossip. You were talked about. You talked about others. It didn’t matter where you were in the hierarchy of high school popularity, you had rumors about you. If you were the quiet kid, people talked about you. If you were a cheerleader, people talked about you. Nerds faced rumors. Athletes faced rumors. They hurt, caused problems, and are a universal facet of the high school experience.

After some graduate, they never stop with the gossip, the speculation, the snide remarks. They have kids and teach them that it’s normal, and then the cycle starts all over.

But what if it didn’t have to? What if we could stop the hate culture before it has a chance to expand? Cue the Kind Campaign. Started by Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson, the Kind Campaign is an organization dedicated to deleting hate between girls in middle & high school. They bear the motto, “You CAN sit with us,” a direct opposition to the famous line “You can’t sit with us!” from the ever-popular movie Mean Girls.

Lauren recalls her experiences with bullies in middle school. “I think the most important part of my story is how these experiences affected me as a young girl,” she says on the Kind Campaign site. “I became scared to go to school, my grades started to drop, I was scared to answer the phone, and finding places to hide on campus became a daily routine.”

The people making fun of her weren’t bullies out to beat her up. They were girls she once called her friends. The worst part is that if you ask any woman out there if she had a group of people she used to belong to turn on her, she’d say yes. It’s a common occurrence. There’s even been headline news about it in the last few years: a group of girls pressured another girl into committing suicide. That’s both tragic and terrifying.

Examples like this are the reason we need the Kind Campaign. Every time they speak to another young group of girls, they help reiterate that kindness can get you so much further in life with people than anything else. Please visit their website. Talk to your daughters. Show her and her friends the documentary. Talk to your kids’ school about booking them. With a little bit of dialogue and the Kind Campaign, you can make a difference in your daughter’s life.

That’s all I have for you today, lovies! Please remember our book club discussion coming up on the 29th!
Love always,


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