Book Club

Introducing: The Book Club!


Hello everyone! Welcome to my latest feature: Magic and Starlight’s Awesome Book Club for Busy People!

That’s right: step right up and witness this rare sight: a book club for people with busy schedules! Marvel at the easy deadlines! Feast your eyes on the amazing reading material. Relish in the intelligent conversation of others!

(Sorry. I just really had to write that like a circus ringleader. Back to your normally narrated post!)

I’ve always wanted to be a part of a book club, but I’m just too darn busy. I’ve heard the same thing from others. So I decided to make an online book club for busy people! 1 book every month to 2 months (depending on the length) in all genres! We’ll discuss it here and on my Facebook page. We can tweet about it using #busypeoplebookclub. I might even make a video for yall!

The first book will be Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman. I read it quite a while ago, and have been looking forward to rereading it. If you’ve already read it, I encourage you to read it again too! We’ll discuss it on November 29th. I’ll post more info about the discussion details as we get closer!

Love always,



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