open letter

An Open Letter To My Teenage Self


Dear Kara,

Hey. It’s me. Or you, however you want to think. I’m writing this letter as a 22 year old. How old are you while you’re reading this? 15? Okay, wow. Well, a lot of things have happened. Mostly good, but some bad too. It’s okay, though. The bad just makes you stronger. Anyway, let’s talk.

I know you have some self image problems. It’s okay. Everyone does. What you haven’t figured out yet is that no one is perfect. At all. In fact, the person you wish you looked like?  Yeah, she doesn’t like the way she looks, either. Looks aren’t that important. It’s all about confidence and kindness. People will remember you for those 2 things for the rest of their lives, whereas beauty is quickly forgotten.

Let’s move on to friends. I know this is a painful subject to you right now. Those girls you hang out with now? They don’t like you. At all. The good news: you’re about to find an amazing group of people that love you. They’re amazing. They become family.

You’re going to have to work hard to get good grades. Your major is going to change several times. If you knew what you ended up getting into, you would be shocked!

One more thing before I finish this letter,  Kara. Those emotions you’re feeling?  They’re anxiety and depression. You can talk about them to other people. You’re not as alone as you think you are. It’s going to get worse before it gets better, but just hang in there. Your journey to happiness starts with the pain of anxiety and depression.
I’m going to end the letter there. Please remember to spread happiness and don’t give up writing. It’s what your soul was meant to do.

Love, 22 year old you.
PS You’re about to develop an amazing taste in music. Also, yes, your hair gets better. And Doctor Who is still on the air.

Okay everone, that’s all I have. I hop you enjoyed and can relate. What would you tell your 15 year old self if you had a chance? Comment with it below!
Love always,


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