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An Open Letter To My Favorite Artist

Hello, everyone. This is the first post in a new feature called open letter. The title is pretty self-explanatory, so let’s get going!

To my favorite artists:

Hello. There’s quite a few of you. I’m a pretty eclectic person, so some of your works might clash with each other. That’s okay, though. The best thing about art is that it belongs to everyone,  and everyone is different. That’s what all of you taught me.

You fall into different categories. Writers, painters, musicians, and some who do it all. Art encompasses a wide spectrum, so that’s not very surprising.

You’re all very good at what you do. That really can’t be argued. But furthermore is what you teach. I have learned so many things. Your art has taught me a lot about human nature and that people can be terrible, absolutely horrific, but also that human beings can be the most loving, courageous creatures living on our planet.

Thanks to you, I have so many friends. Not all of them exist in the physical world. I grew up with a boy named Harry Potter and his two loyal, amazing friends. I talked to animals with a girl named Daine  Sarrasri and was knighted with Alanna of Trebond. I have friends closer than sisters, all because we had the same interest in books and music and art.

I’ve also learned life lessons. Thanks to young women like Hermione, Alanna, and Daine, I learned that women were just as capable as men and that I could do anything I wanted to despite my gender. I learned that it was alright to be different and that I should accept who I was thanks to the music of Fallout Boy and My Chemical Romance.

I went on adventures in comic books and novels that had dragons soaring through their pages. I learned what a true hero is and what it means to be a leader.

All of your works have given me so much. Beyond that, I have been inspired. People like you make people like me want to create. Some creators act like art is an exclusive club, that only a select few should ever try and even fewer should be allowed to gain the popularity that they have earned. None of you have ever done that, though. You teach art as an exhibit of human nature, and that it belongs to all humans.

So, to every one of you, I say, “Thank you.” Thank you for working and thank you for sharing that work, and over all other things, thank you for encouraging a new generation of artists.

Okay everyone, that’s all I have for you today! Who is your favorite artist? What would you say to them? Tell me in the comments! The people I really aimed this at were JK Rowling, Neil Gaiman, Tamora Pierce, Gerard Way for his comic books and all the members of My Chemical Romance, all the members of Fallout Boy, Christopher Paolini, John Green, and so many more!



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