facts about me

This Place I Call Home

A fact about me you may not know: I live in a small town in west Texas . By small, I mean around 2,000 people. It’s everyone-knows-everyone, there’s-5-restaurants-but-only-2-are-open-on-Sunday small.

There’s a lot of ways you can describe my hometown. It’s tiny. Everyone knows each other’s business. You never live down what you did in high school. People know as much about your family and your past as you do. There’s one grocery store and a dollar store. We have more churches than traffic lights.

It’s also tight knit. We help each other. If someone is sick or needs help, there’s someone out there collecting donations and praying. We take pride in our town and our schools. We encourage each other.

When you’re a kid in school, everyone talks about leaving. We all aspire to go out into a huge world we know nothing about and make it big. I certainly did. I did leave for a while. In that short absence, I became incredibly grateful for the ways of my tiny town. I was so happy when I came back.

Over the years, I’ve decided I’ll probably never move. I’m okay with that.  I’m more than okay, I’m happy with that. I’m a hometown, close community kind of girl.

This town isn’t big or glamorous. It’s not  always exciting. But this place is perfect to me, and that’s all that matters.

Where do you call your home? Why do you love it? Tell me in the comments or on my Facebook page! I’d love to know!

Until next time,


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