facts about me

Yes, I’m still here!

Hello, everyone. I’ve been gone for a while! I’d like to say I’ve been on a top secret mission with the Avengers, but in reality I have been enjoying a blissfully relaxing summer. I’ve been writing, reading, gardening, hoop dancing, and crocheting. So obviously it’s been completely glamorous so far.

I know I haven’t written in a while! To be honest, it feels like I have writer’s block to anything that isn’t fictional. I’ve been thinking about the blog here. While I still want to write things that spread happiness and positivity, I’m also going to try out different kinds of posts. You will see personal posts from time to time. You might see recipes. You’ll probably see craft posts. I can guarantee you’ll see short stories and posts inspired by Hannah Brencher. Either way, you’ll see more posts.

A lot of you have been here since the birth of this blog. Thank you for that! I’m really grateful for anyone that takes time out of their day to read something I have to say.

So here’s to the future. Here’s to writing more and reading more. Here’s to me and to you all.

You’ll hear from me soon (I promise),


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